Industrial Relations

Our IR Change panel of accredited CCMA Senior Commissioners is ideally suited for chairing internal disciplinary enquiries and incapacity hearings at the workplace – ensuring integrity of the process and the outcome.

IR Change panelists bring a wealth of experience and professional credibility to managing disciplinary processes – these factors assist to build party trust in the enquiry process and the outcome – resulting in substantially reduced rates of referral to the CCMA for clients.

Panelists will also broker “mutual separation agreements” between parties with their consent should they seek expedited resolution and binding closure on a matter.

We specialise in:

  • Matters involving senior managers, directors or leaders
  • Legally complex or politically sensitive workplace matters
  • Public interest matters

Our Chairperson Solutions is supported by a friendly and efficient case management system designed to deliver preferred choice of panelist to the parties, speedy set down of a matter and prompt rendering of a final outcome. Feel free to contact Cara for all your case management requirements.

We Preside.

Our case initiation service is designed to provide clients with the best legal advice and initiation support required to win legally complex or challenging workplace disciplinary matters.

The costs of losing important cases through poor strategy and preparation for a matter can be significant for parties – both financially and in terms of compromised workplace relations.

As accredited CCMA Senior Commissioners our panelists are best suited to provide critical insight and advice as to how best a workplace disciplinary matter should be handled.

We will assist and support clients with any of the following services:

  • Framing charges correctly
  • Reviewing of relevant case law and precedent
  • Preparing any bundles of evidence and argument for the enquiry
  • Prepping of witnesses
  • Initiating the case at the enquiry.

We Initiate.

Our investigators manage complex and sensitive independent investigations into allegations of misconduct in the workplace including fraud and corruption, sexual harassment and discrimination, misuse of authority and violations of workplace policy amongst others. We provide detailed reports including discussion of facts, findings and recommendations which provide an effective tool for employers to use to make informed and sometimes hard employment decisions.

We investigate.

We provide labour relations advice covering labour law, collective bargaining, policy formulation and labour relations best practice strategies for harmonious and productive workplaces.

We give advice on a variety of workplace issues including:

  • Unfair discrimination, including sexual harassment
  • Employment Equity
  • Restructuring and retrenchment consultations
  • Compliance with the BCEA, OHSA and Bargaining Council Main Agreements
  • Preparation for ethical trade audits.

As part of Labour Relations Solutions, we specialise in drafting of employment contracts and human resources policies to suit your unique requirements.

We Advise.

We facilitate conversations between management and labour stakeholders that contribute to changed mindsets, improved communication and enhanced performance within the workplace.

We specialize in facilitating:

  • Relationship Building Initiatives (RBI’s) for parties who seek a change in workplace relations
  • Collective Agreements over remuneration and benefits, policies and procedures
  • Any “without prejudice” discussions between parties who seek early closure and resolution of a matter by mutual and binding agreement.

We Facilitate.

We offer a range of Labour Related Training Courses for workplace stakeholders. Our courses include:

  • Initiating and chairing disciplinary enquiries for managers
  • Preparing evidence in disciplinary enquiries and arbitrations
  • Effective negotiation and conflict resolution skills
  • Understanding the LRA and CCMA processes
  • Our RBI one or two-day relationship change program

Our courses are:

  • Aligned and designed to client needs
  • Structured with a methodology that is experiential, participative and that allows for the effective transfer of learning to the workplace
  • Skills-based, fun and informative

We Empower.

Meet the Team

Our panelist team is comprised of some of the very best CCMA accredited Senior Commissioners and draws on their deep experience and insight - honed over many years of service in the CCMA and in the Private and Public sector Bargaining Councils. Our panelists bring a wealth of experience, expertise and integrity directly to workplace disciplinary and performance processes - ensuring integrity of the process and integrity of the outcome. In addition to panelists profiled below - we have dedicated senior panelists in all major provinces and regions of South Africa - please feel free to contact Cara for more information in this regard.

IR Change Code of Ethics