Professional Services

Our panel of chairpersons is comprised almost exclusively of CCMA part time commissioners past and present.  They are known for their excellent track record of professionalism,  independence and fairness when presiding over workplace disciplinary hearings. As a result they assist to build trust in the enquiry process and its outcomes often leading to closure at source and a negligible referral rate to the CCMA. IR Change panelists are therefore ideally suited to preside over internal workplace hearings.

We chair the full range of internal hearings from senior organisational matters to standard workplace cases. Our tariff structure is flexible and designed to accommodate different presiding requirements of each case in question.

Our chairperson service is supported by a friendly and efficient case management system designed to deliver preferred choice of panelist to the parties and speedy set down of a matter. Feel free to contact Cara here for all your chairperson requirements.

We Preside and Recommend.

Our panelists manage complex and sensitive investigations into allegations of misconduct in the workplace including fraud and corruption, sexual harassment and discrimination, misuse of authority and violations of workplace policy amongst others. We provide detailed reports, findings and recommendations which provide an effective tool for parties to use in making informed and sometimes hard employment decisions.

We investigate.

We mediate workplace disputes and facilitate conversations between workplace stakeholders that contribute to changed mindsets, improved communication and a changing organisational culture.

We specialise in facilitating:

  • Relationship Building Initiatives (RBI’s) for stakeholders in relationship crisis
  • Collective Agreements over workplace remuneration and benefits, policies and procedures
  • “Off the record” discussions between parties who seek non litigious and early resolution of disputes on agreed terms

We Facilitate and Mediate

We have extensive experience across the labour relations spectrum and can offer a range of tailor made consulting and training solutions according to party needs. Our standard courses include:

  • Initiating and chairing disciplinary enquiries for managers
  • Managing discipline and performance in the workplace
  • Preparing evidence in disciplinary enquiries and arbitrations
  • Effective negotiation and conflict resolution skills
  • Understanding the LRA and CCMA processes
  • Our RBI relationship change workshop program

We Empower.

Panel of Chairpersons

Our panel of professional CCMA part time commissioners are ideally suited to preside independently over disciplinary and performance hearings – ensuring integrity of the process and the outcome.

Feel free to contact our case manager Cara for more information about our panelists – she will provide a comprehensive CV on request.