Conflict to Co-operation

What We Do


As a leading Alternative Dispute Resolution Agency we facilitate a diverse range of workplace engagements that ensure fairness and integrity of the process and assist in fostering understanding and cooperation between stakeholders ­on the path from conflict to cooperation.


Our top team of community facilitators and mediators have diverse experience of intervening in complex and at times violent community conflicts over land, housing, taxi routes, gang turf, environmental issues and service delivery protests amongst others. We work closely with communities and their leadership, government and stakeholder organisations in efforts to bring about sustainable peace and social cohesion.

Organisation Development

Our new area of expertise is in providing specialised OD support and intervention within complex organisational environments. We assist your organisation in identifying key issues that prevent it from excelling at what it does and we develop a plan of action for restoring your organisation to functional health.

IR Services

Chairperson Solutions

Our panel of accredited CCMA Senior Commissioners is ideally suited to preside independently and fairly over internal disciplinary enquiries and incapacity hearings at the workplace - ensuring the integrity of the process and the outcome.

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Initiation Solutions

Our case initiation service is designed to provide clients with the best legal advice and initiation support required to win legally complex or challenging workplace disciplinary matters.

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Investigation Solutions

Our investigators manage complex and sensitive independent investigations into allegations of misconduct in the workplace including fraud and corruption, sexual harassment and discrimination, misuse of authority and violations of workplace policy amongst others.

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Labour Law Solutions

We provide labour relations advice covering labour law, collective bargaining, policy formulation and labour relations best practice strategies for harmonious and productive workplaces.

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Facilitation Solutions

We facilitate conversations between management and labour stakeholders that contribute to changed mindsets, improved communication and enhanced performance within the workplace.

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Tailor-Made Training Solutions

We offer a range of Labour Related Training Courses for parties.

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